Environmental technology is becoming increasingly important for safeguarding air pollution control and minimizing harmful emissions

Whether it be filter technology or air pollution control, Heinzinger supplies the power supplies for environmental technology

The field of environmental technology brings together several disciplines, pooling expertise from civil, mechanical, electrical and process engineering and applying it to current issues. The classical areas of application are water, soil and air. Alongside industrial applications, environmental data is measured and collected, such as meteorological data or air measurements from major cities.

Heinzinger offers the right power supply for all measurement and control tasks - reliable and optimized for a wide range of environmental conditions

Air pollution control systems

Air pollution control involves the design, operation and monitoring of environmental technology systems that are able to filter out dust or gaseous components from exhaust gas streams. This is especially important for industrial applications. Electrostatic filter systems or air ionization systems are used in these situations, for example, which can be supplied with customized and permanent power via Heinzinger's precision power supplies.

With equipment from the GEN and PNC series, the HV cartridges and the EVO power supplies, Heinzinger has the ideal power supplies for every measurement and control task in this sector. Every solution is reliably optimized for all kinds of environmental conditions.

Which environmental technology task would you like to fulfill? Our PNC and GEN series, EVO series and HV cartridges offer you a wide range of possibilities. Talk to us on + 49 8031 2458 0 or send us an e-mail at info(at)heinzinger(dot)de

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Für diese Anwendungen können folgende Produkte verwendet werden


Hochspannungsnetzgeräte der EVO-Serie sind die DC-Netzgeräte der neuen Generation


Universal-Hochspannungsnetzgeräte bis 300.000 Volt mit hoher Präzision


Regelbare Netzgeräte für die Systemintegration – wenn´s im DC-Bereich eng wird


kompakte Hochspannungskassetten mit 24 Volt DC-Eingangsspannung