Measurement and testing technology for reliable quality assurance processes

Precision power supplies for calibration, technical lighting or quality assurance

Reliable measurement and testing technology is becoming increasingly important, both internationally and across all industries, since it ensures reproducible and standardized results at all levels of the supply chain. Testing methods, test reports and certificates are also regulated and make significant demands on the measurement and testing technology used. The international harmonization of measuring tasks makes it easier for manufacturers of measurement and testing technology to access the markets in many different countries.

Präzisions-Netzgeräte von Heinzinger erfüllen alle Voraussetzungen für die Versorgung modernster Mess- und Prüftechnik

Exacting demands in measurement and testing technology

Power supplies for measurement and testing technology are subject to particularly strict criteria: Wherever possible, they should be impervious to outside interference and exhibit a low residual ripple and excellent long-term stability in order to deliver reproducible data every time. As part of the drive to automate industry, measurement and testing procedures are increasingly being integrated seamlessly into the production process. To do this, control and monitoring as well as the actual measurement and testing technology, must be integrated into the automation solution using suitable interfaces. All power supplies from Heinzinger are prepared for these integrated applications and satisfy the exacting requirements associated with this.

As a result, precision power supplies from Heinzinger serve as the testing standard at the Federal Institute of Physics and Technology (PTB), the German standards institution, and are used as the reference in the HV sector. Precision power supplies from Heinzinger satisfy all requirements for the provision of power to state-of-the-art measurement and testing technology.

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