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The packaging plays a significant role for consumers in whether the product ends up in the shopping basket or not. Customized packaging, attractive labels and printable films are supposed to protect food, identify it and make it distinguishable from other products. As a result, the packaging industry is being confronted with an ever-growing variety of different possibilities. Technical and systems engineering for the packaging industry develops production units for this need that are able to deliver flexibility, reliability and dynamic performance. Precision power supplies from Heinzinger are a core element of mechanical and systems engineering, since without a reliable source of power, production cannot take place. Often, the units are used for monitoring or inspection systems, or as a means of providing power to X-ray systems. These monitor the quality of the packaging or its contents.

Höchste Präzision für den Maschinen & Anlagenbau

DC high-voltage power units for film production

In the production equipment for highly sophisticated precision films, for example for novel battery technologies used in the automotive industry, TFT displays or the packaging of sensitive products, high-voltage systems are used in the production process. These must be extremely robust and reliable in terms of their operation, since even the smallest fluctuations have a direct influence on the quality of the end product. Precision DC voltage power units from Heinzinger are used in mechanical and systems engineering all over the world, and function reliably in constant operation to produce high-tech films for the automotive industry or electronics production, or even for the packaging materials industry.

High precision supplied with DC voltage

To allow mechanical and systems engineering to also implement innovative concepts and bring them promptly to the market, Heinzinger offers a broad spectrum of different DC power units. Our experts in product development would be happy to advise you and show you the many possibilities that our power supply solutions have to offer.

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