Medical technology demands absolute precision

Power units from Heinzinger offer security and reliability

Alongside the latest results from research, medical technology is also development ever more sophisticated equipment. In the field of radiotherapy especially, procedures are becoming increasingly more targeted so that patients can be treated a safely and as accurately as possible. In order to provide all technical installations with a reliable and seamless supply of voltage and current, medical technology relies on precision power supplies.

Power supplies for magnets in accelerators

The field of medical technology includes particle accelerators for radiotherapy, which can be targeted with superlative accuracy at tumor cells. To send the particles towards the patient couch, magnetic deflection systems are used. Modern beam guidance uses magnets, which are able to deflect, align and concentrate the beam. To allow these magnets to work reliably and safely, precise DC currents are needed. The magnetic current supplies from the PTN and PCU series from Heinzinger are designed especially for this demanding application.


X-ray equipment in medical technology

Present-day X-ray techniques are now an indispensable part of modern healthcare and patient treatment. Superlative precision, reliability and safety are key characteristics for all of the components being used. The high-voltage power units from Heinzinger, such as the PNC series, have been satisfying these exacting requirements for many years and are also in reliable, long-term use in this sector.

Quality tests for medical systems and equipment

Patients, doctors and nursing staff rely every day on modern medical technology being available around the clock and working safely and reliably at all times. This applies just as much to surgery and treatment equipment as it does to emergency medicine equipment or devices that save patients’ lives. Medical technology is therefore tested with exhaustive quality tests before it is used - in this highly sensitive field, safety takes top priority. Heinzinger’s precision DC voltage power units from the PTN, PCU, PNC, and EVO series, along with HV cartridges for high and low voltages. are therefore used for the quality testing of medical systems and equipment or their components.

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