The pharmaceutical and chemicals industry uses meticulous technical processes for research and production

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One major process in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry is electrophoresis: With this process, charged particles or dissolved molecules travel across an electric field. Electrophoresis is used to separate mixtures of molecules. It can be used to isolate DNA fragments, separate sera or filter and research proteins for the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry. Arne Tiselius was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1948 for his discovery of the electrophoresis process. Since then, this technology has continued to grow in importance and has been refined for various medical and chemical applications. Its use in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry is always based on an electric field. To ensure that this field is reliably available without any interruptions, equipment from the PNC or EVO series from Heinzinger, along with HV cartridges and devices from the LNC series, provide the high voltage required.

Measuring and controlling processes in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry

Measuring and controlling processes in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry

The pharmaceutical and chemicals industry is reliant on electrochemical processes: Synthesis methods, electrolysis or physical chemistry connect chemical reactions with the effect of electric current. This is used partly to get the process started. In addition, current is produced by electrochemical processes and is a valuable parameter that can be measured and compared. To allow the processes in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry to run in a reproducible manner and to satisfy scientific criteria, a reliable supply of power is needed. The control technology and inspection systems for pharmaceuticals and chemicals also use Heinzinger precision power supplies to fulfill the industry’s challenging tasks as effectively as possible. Depending on the method, area of application and surroundings, different appliances are used: The EVO, PNC, LNC, GEN, PTN and LNG series, along with HV cartridges, for pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

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Für diese Anwendungen können folgende Produkte verwendet werden


Hochspannungsnetzgeräte der EVO-Serie sind die DC-Netzgeräte der neuen Generation


Low-voltage power supplies with double-stabilization and linear-control


Universal-Hochspannungsnetzgeräte bis 300.000 Volt mit hoher Präzision


Regelbare Netzgeräte für die Systemintegration – wenn´s im DC-Bereich eng wird