Research and development are important driving forces for business

Robust results are the key to further developments

Science, research and technology development lay the foundations for innovation and therefore also for economic development. Modern industrial companies rely on research and development, making it a central locational advantage. Society also benefits from new findings from this sector, since many urgent questions relating to health, nutrition and technology, energy and the environment still remain unanswered. International and interstate research organizations carry out fundamental research, and universities form a research network that spans the globe.

The equipment series from Heinzinger are suitable for a range of purposes and research projects

Many companies make a significant contribution to research and development

With a close relationship to practice and a strong focus on the customer, companies are working on innovative and future-compatible solutions that are available in real time for commercial application. The equipment series from Heinzinger are especially suitable for this sector thanks to their varied and adaptable options for use. The research and development sector requires precision DC power units that deliver reproducible results for various load behaviors and which make everyday operations in the various departments easier with their robustness and user-friendliness - just like the units from Heinzinger.

The ideal equipment for a diverse research landscape

Research and development is outsourced to a variety of different organizations. In addition to commercial enterprises, university-funded research bodies, universities and state institutions are also investing in this field. Whether it be testing and measurement equipment, acceleration technology or HV supplies for particle detectors - technical equipment of this high standard delivers reliable and resilient results in laboratories and testing centers all over the world. The equipment series from Heinzinger are suitable for a range of purposes and research projects, especially the equipment in the PCU, PTN, LNG, GEN, PNC, PHN, PHY, EVO, and LNC series, as well as the HV cartridges. Superb precision, reliability and flexibility of use for research and development are the products’ hallmarks.

Equipment series for your research and development tasks can be obtained from us - we’d be happy to advise you on the detailed features. Call us on +49 8031 2458 0 or send us an e-mail to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de.

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Hochspannungsnetzgeräte der EVO-Serie sind die DC-Netzgeräte der neuen Generation


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