Semi-conductor tests and production with precision power supplies

Semi-conductors are one of the most important components for our modern world

Our today ‘s world is based on the use of semiconductor devices. Semiconductors are used everywhere, in computers, cars, mobile devices and industrial equipment, but also in coffee machines, children's toys and energy-saving lamps. Global production is expected to exceed one billion semiconductor devices per day in 2025. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 are currently creating an ever-increasing demand. The majority of semiconductors are produced out of silicon, but organic substances are starting to play an important role, e.g. in OLED displays.

Semiconducter manufacturing for micro-electronics and photovoltaics

The production of a semiconductor device involves many different production steps. Semiconductor devices are based on monocrystalline wafers or panels. The more complex the functionality, the more processing steps are required. The production of solar cells for photovoltaics requires fewer production steps. Functional tests are necessary for internal and final quality controls. Heinzinger offers high-performance precision power supplies for the semiconductor industry with the PNC, EVO, GEN and PTN series.

Industry Example Power Semiconductors: Final Test

The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBTs) is a semiconductor device designed to switch high currents and voltages. It combines the advantages of the bipolar transistor (high current and voltage) with those of the field effect transistor (extremely low control power). This component is therefore used in many areas of power electronics, e.g. in drive technology, inverters, DC controllers and many more.
After the IGBT has passed the production process, it is subjected to a final test. Among other test parameters, current and voltage capabilities are tested here. Voltages up to 8kV and currents up to several thousand amperes with very short switching times are required. Heinzinger high-performance power supplies provide the required DC voltages and currents for these applications.


Industry Example: Capacitor manufacturing - semi-conductor tests in production and development


The production of high-performance capacitors must be carried out quality tests in order to maximise the service life of the components and to ensure long-term stability. Capacitors are used for automotive applications, among others. The dielectric between the capacitor plates is of great importance – material or manufacturing defects determine whether the intended specifications can be met. Especially in the inverter construction and in the automotive industry, the highest quality requirements apply. To ensure that this technology functions smoothly and permanently, all components are tested individually and in their interaction. The Heinzinger precision power supplies provide the necessary DC voltage for these applications.

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