Semi-conductor tests and production with precision power supplies

Semi-conductors are one of the most important components for our modern world

They are used in refrigerators and computers, energy-saving light bulbs and industrial systems. The most commonly known semi-conductor is silicon, but other compounds and organic materials are also used. Whether a material conducts electrical current or not depends on its crystalline structure. A semi-conductor has very small gaps in the crystal matrix, which electrons are virtually able to skip.

Wafer production for micro-electronics and photovoltaics

A round or square, flat semi-conductor is known as a wafer. These baseplates are used in electronic building elements, integrated switching circuits or for photoelectric coatings. In photovoltaics, polycrystalline and monocrystalline wafers are used as semi-conductors. These are installed in multiple layers to create solar cells and onward to create solar modules. Before every industrial application and for quality control, the semi-conductor is tested and its behavior is verified. With the PNC, EVO, GEN and PTN equipment series, Heinzinger offers powerful, precision power supplies for this specialist application.

Capacitor production - semi-conductor tests in production and quality assurance

The production and use of capacitors must be extensively tested so that the lifespan of the components is as long as possible and to ensure that long-term stability is guaranteed. Capacitors are used in many places, including automotive applications. The semi-conductor positioned between the capacitor plates has a very important role to play. It serves as the dielectric for the capacitor's function. Whether it be engine management systems, fuel injection or electronic steering systems: Without semi-conductor technology, automotive electronics would be unimaginable as they are today. To ensure that this technology works smoothly and consistently, all components are tested individually and in concert with each other. The precision power units from Heinzinger provide the DC voltage required for these applications.

There are various types of equipment from the PNC, EVO, GEN, and PTN series available for your requirements in the semi-conductor testing and production sector. We would be happy to advise you - call us on + 49 8031 2458 0 or send us an e-mail to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de

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