[Translate to English:] Ausgangsspannung > 300.000 V > 300,000 V
Output voltage
[Translate to English:] Präzision bis 0,001 % up to 0.001 %
precision up to 0.001 %
[Translate to English:] kompakte Bauform compact
compact format
[Translate to English:] höchste Zuverlässigkeit Reliability
highest reliability

High Voltage > 1,000 V DC

Power supplies for voltages up to >300,000 Volt at high precision

The robust and user-friendly Heinzinger high-voltage power supplies are available in many different voltage and current combinations. The units are suited for different applications in the high-voltage range.

These latest device generations are characterized by newest device technologies, such as digital control, an extended range input for use worldwide, and a modem HMI with easy user guidance.

High-voltage power supplies made by Heinzinger are available in different design versions, as table-top unit, 19” built-in unit or as cassette resp. modular design. We also offer high-output units in rack design.

A comprehensive option package is available for many units. The units can be easily tailored to the customer application.

You are looking for high-precision HV power suppliers? Many of our high-voltage power supplies are also available in an “hp” (high precision) version.

High voltage power supply up to 10,000 V

High-voltage power supplies of the EVO series are the new generation of DC power supplies

High voltage power supply with high output
PHN- & PHY-Series

The output is decisive for use in electron beam generation or X-ray tube setups

PHN- & PHY-Series
Universal high voltage power supply up to 300,000 V

PNC, PNChp, PNC3p, PNCcap
Universal high-voltage power supplies up to 300,000 Volt with superb precision

High voltage table-mounted power supply up to 30,000 V

Laboratory power supplies for high voltages
user-friendly DC-table-mounted supplies

High voltage cassetts and modules up to 30,000 V
LNCE- & NCE-Series

Compact and precise DC-high-voltage power supplies

LNCE- & NCE-Series