> 300,000 V
Output voltage
up to 10,000 mA
Output current
[Translate to English:] PNC - Universal-Hochspannungsnetzgeräte – Hohe Präzision up to 0.001 %
[Translate to English:] PNC - Universal-Hochspannungsnetzgeräte – Kompakte Bauform Compact
compact format



  • Output voltage up to 300,000 Volts
  • Low residual ripple and excellent long term stability (PNChp version up to 0.001%)
  • Output power up to 2,000 Watt (PNC3p version up to >6,000 W)
  • Universal casing, use as desk-top unit or as 19" rack mount
  • Continuous short circuit proof
  • Reserve voltage proof
  • HV on/off via push button or interface
  • Operation is possible as voltage or current source (CV-mode or CC-mode).
  • Suitable for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
  • Digital 3½-digit display for voltage as well as current
  • Setting of the output values through 10-turn potentiometers, separately for voltage and current
  • Remotely controllable and extendable by means of the integrated analog interface 0…10 V. Voltage and current setup as well as indication
  • Power supplies >10kV with sealed HV unit therefore have compact dimensions and long-term stability, and are nearly independent of environmental conditions.
  • Customized versions possible on request
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Universal high-voltage power supplies up to 300,000 Volt with superb precision

Precision-controlled DC high and ultra-high voltages for numerous industries

Universal high-voltage power supplies are used wherever reliable high-voltage power supplies are needed with long-term stability in the DC-area, and which ideally are as independent as possible of their ambient conditions. Efficiency is also an important characteristic for high-voltage power supplies. Efficiency refers to the ratio between the power entering and leaving the supply, and is normally assessed at the rated input voltage and at full load. High-voltage power supplies have a high degree of efficiency and therefore improve the lifespan of the equipment with reduced cooling requirements. It is worth remembering that the difference between the power entering the supplyand the power leaving it is converted into heat. So the higher the efficiency for primary switched mode power supplies, the lower the heat load on the components.

The following equipment groups are available as universal high-voltage power supplies in the PNC series:

  • PNC supplies up to 300,000 Volt
  • PNC3p series for higher outputs of up to 6,000 Watt
  • PNChp series for high-precision applications up to 10 ppm
  • PNCcap series for capacitor charging

Universal high-voltage power supplies in the PNC series

These supplies are used when reliability and long-term stability are required. The semiconductor industry, for example, uses primary mode switched universal high-voltage supplies from Heinzinger, as do plastics and film manufacturers or companies from the fields of medical and laboratory technology. Thanks to their compact construction, most supplies are available as tabletop devices or as standardized 19" slide-in modules. From voltages of 20 kV and up, the high-voltage part is cast, allowing the supplies to be used anywhere and delivering high precision and long-term stability irrespective of the ambient conditions. Special requirements and costly installations, such as those necessary with oil or air-insulated equipment, are therefore obsolete.

More power in production with the PNC3p series

The universal high-voltage power supplies in the PNC3p series configuration deliver higher outputs. This higher output means that production speeds in industrial applications can be increased and processes accelerated.

A reliable partner for high-precision applications: PNChp

Even in the standard version, primary mode switched power supplies from the voltage-stabilizing PNChp series ensure a residual ripple and stability within a range of < 0.001 percent (10 ppm). The temperature coefficient and long-term stability are also within this range. As a result, absolute reproducibility and the strictest quality requirements can be implemented in production, as can complex research tasks or development services.

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PNCcap series: Capacitor chargers with excellent control properties

The control behavior of PNC universal high-voltage power supplies used as capacitor chargers is specifically coordinated with the cyclical charging of capacitors. These are used in laser and medical technology, for example, but also as pulse generators for industry and research.

Universal high-voltage power supplies are especially suitable for the following industries:

  • Research
  • Development
  • Industrial
  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemistry
  • Alternative energies
  • Environmental technology
  • Measuring technology

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