[Translate to English:] Ausgangsspannung up to 600 V
Output voltage
[Translate to English:] Ausgangsstrom 10,000 A
Output current
[Translate to English:] Präzision bis 0,001 % up to 0.001 %
[Translate to English:] Höchste Zuverlässigkeit Reliability
highest reliability

Low Voltage ≤ 1,000 V DC

Power supplies for voltages up to >1,000 Volt at high precision. Laboratory and industrial power supplies for different applications.

The units are available in many output ranges and for very high currents up to 10,000 A.

Select the power supply technology suitable for your application. Heinzinger low-voltage power supplier are available as linear-control or switch-mode power supplies and can meet even unusual or complex technical requirements.

Extensive interface solutions are available for the integration into external controls.

Thanks to comprehensive options, our standard units can be tailored to your application without problems.

We developed separate product lines for special applications, such as magnet power supplies or power supplies for electromobility and automotive applications.

You are looking for high-precision power suppliers? Many of our high-voltage power supplies are also available in an “hp” (high precision) version.

Low voltage power supply with high output

High-performance power supplies such as thyristor-operated low-voltage power supplies in the DC area

High precision magnet power supply

Magnet power supplies
for particle accelerators and medical technology

Low voltage power supply - double stabilization and linear-control

Low-voltage power supplies with double-stabilization and linear-control

Linear regulated low voltage table-mounted power supply

The power supply with linear control is a reliable lab power supply

Compact low voltage power supply
GEN/GEN+ Series

GEN/GEN+ Serie, Variable power supplies
Variable power supplies for integration into systems where space is scarce in the DC area

GEN/GEN+ Series