[Translate to English:] Ausgangsstrom bis 10.000 A up to 10,000 A
Output current
[Translate to English:] Stromregelung < 5 ppm < 5 ppm
Current regulation
[Translate to English:] höchste Zuverlässigkeit Reliability
highest reliability
[Translate to English:] modular modular

Magnet Power Supplies

Magnet power supplies place special requirements on control accuracy and load regulation. Thus, different Heinzinger power supplies are optimized for use as power supplies for magnets. The power supplies provide high-precision DC voltage with excellent current stability and extremely low ripple. These units are available in the typical voltage categories as power supplies for magnetic applications and make use of a modular design. 

Various currents are available. In applications requiring more power, the power supplies can be used in master/slave mode in parallel. Pole reversal via polarity-switching-unit is available as an option. Units for multi-quadrant operation can be realized as well.

High precision magnet power supply

Magnet power supplies for particle accelerators and medical technology

Low voltage power supply - double stabilization and linear-control

Low-voltage power supplies with double-stabilization and linear-control

Magnet power flexible - Quadrupole & Dipole
MPS Flexible.

MPS Flexible

Magnet power supplies - Quadrupole & Dipole

MPS Flexible