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Heinzinger's DC power supplies allow reliable use even under extreme conditions

1959 marks the start of a very unusual company history. What started out then as a small company founded by Josef Heinzinger and making precision power units has now grown to become Heinzinger electronic GmbH and is synonymous with innovation, quality and seamless service.

Since this time, Heinzinger has been developing, producing and distributing high-current and high-voltage power units for various industries all over the world, with its name representing high-quality and high-precision power supply solutions. Heinzinger's DC power units allow reliable use even under extreme conditions - whether as a single device, a series of them, a standard product or as OEM solutions.

As a small to medium-sized, owner-managed company, around 100 employees produce and look after the firm's leading-edge products for power supplies. Each year, more than 800 pieces of high-quality equipment leave our production facility. Final checks up to 400 kV can be carried out in our own high-voltage laboratory.

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