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Environment & sustainability

Taking responsibility for your own corporate actions is something that we, as a modern, small to medium-sized company, do as a matter of course. Impact assessments and environmental awareness are important elements of our philosophy right from the start.

We use our materials in an environmentally responsible manner, we take care to employ efficient manufacturing processes and we use components that can be recycled. We take precautions to avoid environmental damage before it happens.


Our products are primarily used in a wide variety of applications in industrial production, research and accelerator technology. In these applications, they often have to face the most rigorous of conditions and prove their reliability and precision 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Heinzinger has been demonstrating its capabilities in these conditions for many years.



Only safe and interruption-free processes ultimately ensure the efficient use of our DC power units. The issue of safety is therefore a central component of Heinzinger's high quality standards.

Extensive support services, such as training courses, maintenance, servicing or commissioning, as well as induction on the delivery of new equipment, are all just part of what we do.

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