History & Milestones in Product Development

2019 60-years-anniversary and start of the new production hall to quadruple the production capacity.

2017 Preview of the ERS Compact at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe, to expand the product portfolio for testing rig energy systems, including for applications in the 48-V sector.

2016 Presentation of the new generation of high-voltage power units, the EVO series, at the Electronica Trade Fair in Munich

2015 Purchase of further production facilities and an increase in the power of the testing rig energy systems (ERS series) up to 750 kW with the ERS BIC model

2014 Development of the strategic corporate vision for 2020

2013 Testing rig energy systems up to 250kW / 1,000 V DC / 2-channel as further standard devices in the ERS series.

2011 Expansion of the testing rig energy systems (ERS series), now also for automotive applications: Testing of high-voltage batteries and inverters.

2010 Expansion of the Magnetic Power Supplies Division in the medical technology sector and doubling of production capacities

2009 Purchase of the company building in Rosenheim and development of the PNC series for “Ultra High Voltage & Precision” up to 300 kV in dry insulation.

2008 Unveiling of testing rig energy systems capable of feedback (ERS series) for the automotive sector, especially hybrid engines.

2006 Shipping of the first high-power devices with active energy feedback (PTN series).

2005 Introduction of the new “Ultra High Precision Switch Mode Power Supplies” (PCU series) in the magnetic power supplies section.

2004 Independence and completion of the takeover of Heinzinger electronic GmbH by Alfred Werndl at the Rosenheim site.

2003 Development of the “Ultra High Power” units (PTN series) for two-quadrant operation.

2002 Restructuring of the Knürr Group, resulting in the founding of the new Heinzinger electronic GmbH through a management buy-out. Refocusing on the core expertise of high voltage and high current with high precision.

1992 Transfer to Knürr AG as a “center of expertise for electronics in mechanics” within the group.

1959 Founded in Munich by Josef Heinzinger.

Heinzinger has been concentrating on the development and production of high-precision and high-quality power supply units since 1959

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