High voltage power supply for power semiconductor test equipment

The EVO series delivers constant voltage at the highest level.
Perfectly suited for power semiconductor tests.

Spannungsklassen EVO


Quick info
EVO series at a glance

  • DC voltage classes: 1.5 kV / 5 kV / 10 kV / 20 kV
  • Precision: 0.01 %
  • Electrically reversible polarity
  • Output power: 500 W / 2kW / 3kW
  • Output current up to 2,000 mA
  • Universal AC input, single-phase
  • Ethernet and RS232 interfaces on board
  • Comprehensive protective functions, OVP, OCP
  • interlock contacts as standard
  • For worldwide use, compliant with CSA (UL) & CE
  • Innovative operating concept & HMI

State-of-the-art technology with user-interface and digital control unit.
High voltage for industrial applications and laboratory use.

Safety first at high voltage

  • Protection of the operator
  • Protection of the test equipment
  • Protection of the high-voltage power supply unit

EVO high-voltage power supply units are therefore equipped with interlock and I/O contacts as well as Overvoltage protection and Overcurrent protection. Safety is further improved by threshold and limit functions and the option of protecting operating areas with password.

Intuitive operation and fully digital control

A microcontroller, combined with an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), allows particularly precise control. This makes complete and digital control of the EVO power supply units possible. FPGAs are used in high-voltage power supply units because they allow rapid signal processing and flexible adaptation to various load requirements. The power supply units in the EVO series are therefore optimal for many different user requirements. The EVO high-voltage power supply units feature high performance as well as rapid and precise control.

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