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PNC series

Universal high voltage power supplies

  • up to 300,000 V
    Output voltage

  • up to 10,000 mA
    Output current

  • up to 6,000 W

  • up to 0,0010 %

  • Design
    benchtop, 19”-rack-mount

  • Output voltage up to >300,000V
  • Lowest residual ripple and highest long-term stability (PNChp version up to 0.001%)
  • Output power up to 2,000W (PNC3p version up to >6,000W)
  • Suitable for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
  • HV ON/OFF via push button and interface

Download PNC Manual & Interface Manual

Here you can download the manual for PNC series power supplies including standard options in German and English language.
For customized units please send an email with serial number for the special manual.

PNC Manual in German and English language -> "Manual PNC"

For units equipped with digital interface (option 72/76) you can download the interface manual including command set.

Option 72I / 76I, combined interface RS232/RS485 -> "Handbuch Digitalinterface"
Option 72II / 76II, combined interface RS232/IEEE488 -> "Handbuch Digitalinterface"

Option 72Ethernet / 76Ethernet, LAN/Ethernet Interface -> "Handbuch LAN"

  • PNC Manual & Interface Manual