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PTN series

Linearly regulated power supply units with high and ultra-high precision

Their outstanding long-term stability and reproducibility make these devices ideal for use as magnet power supplies or applications in the automotive industry.

up to 600 V
Output voltage

up to 200 A
Output current

up to 3,500 W

up to 0.0010 %

table-top, 19” built-in unit

  • Low residual ripple and very high stability through linear transistor control loop (PTNhp versions down to 0.001%)
  • Suitable for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
  • Output voltage up to 600V, controllable
  • Output current up to 200 amperes, controllable
  • Ultra-fast recovery times
  • Operation is possible as constant-voltage source (CV mode) or constant-current source (CCS)
  • Sense input line for voltage control at the load
  • Sustained short circuit proof
  • Robust and designed for 24/7 operation
  • Desktop version or for 19" rack mount
  • Remotely controllable and extendable by means of an integrated and optional analog & digital interface (devices <100 V)
  • High-performance power supply units of up to 5,000A upon request
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For a wide range of applications

High currents even for EMC-sensitive areas

The PTN units supply controlled DC voltages with a very low residual ripple. These power supply units come with comprehensive default options and are able to meet even complex demands such as conducting battery simulations with variable internal resistors. Because of their operating principle, the supply units are often used in EMC-sensitive environments, an area for which they are particularly suitable.

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