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PCU Series

Magnet power supplies with high-precision current control

Magnet power supplies that meet the highest standards for current accuracy and stability of output current in different performance classes.

up to 50 V
Output voltage

up to 340 A
Output current

up to 15,000 W

up to 0.0005 %

19”-rack-mount, compact design

  • High-precision current control, e.g. for dipole or quadrupole magnets
  • Various combinations of voltage and current
  • Option: polarity reversal switching unit
  • Highest precision and stability (≤ 5ppm/8h)
  • Temperature coefficient ≤ 5ppm
  • Highly accurate DCCT for measuring current
  • Programmable current ramp function
  • Controller configuration/ load matching possible
  • Air cooling (optional water cooling)
  • Analog (0 to 10V) and digital interfaces (RS422)
  • Optimum ratio between power density and accuracy
  • Zero voltage switching (ZVS) technology
  • Zero voltage switching (ZVS) technology
  • Trigger input for measuring signals
  • Output is short-circuit-proof and open-circuit-proof
  • Customer-specific versions for your project
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Magnet power supplies are vital components

Best current stability and lowest ripple

Magnets in accelerators are also used for guiding and focusing the beam. These special DC power supply units provide currents for magnets (such as dipole magnets, quadrupole magnets, steerer magnets, etc.) with maximum precision. The current control accuracy and long-term stability of magnet power supplies from the PCU series range from less than 5ppm to 10ppm. Customers can adjust the power supply units to a wide variety of magnetic values and load requirements.

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Reliable magnet power supplies for permanent operation

Meeting the highest requirements for current accuracy and controllability

Heinzinger magnet power supplies feature optimal power density with the greates possible precision. Compliance with the specified data even in long-term operation and in challenging environments is thus ensured. Devices from the PCU series are the right choice when quality, precision and accuracy in the magnet power supplies is of top priority, as is the case in medical engineering and basic research.

For local and remote operation

Various interfaces and operating options make it easier to connect to existing systems. Comprehensive manual operating and programming options allow adjustment to a wide variety of load conditions.

High efficiency, low operating costs

The magnet power supplies in the PCU series are switching power
supply units that work in primary switched mode. Their resonance converters work according to the PMW Phase Shift Zero-Voltage-Switching principle (ZVS). The ZVS principle switches when the voltage crosses zero, which reduces power loss and parasitic influences. The high efficiency reduces the operating costs of the power supply units, which are often used in larger quantities.

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