Labornetzgeraete fuer Hochspannung

LNC series

High-voltage desktop power supply units up to 30,000V

Laboratory power supply units for DC high voltage.
User-friendly devices in a compact design.

up to 30,000 V
Output voltage

up to 500 mA
Output current

up to 60 W

up to 0.05 %

benchtop, compact design

  • Output voltages up to 30,000V
  • Output currents up to 500mA
  • Output power up to 60W
  • Compact desktop power supply
  • Suitable for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
  • Variable voltage and current values
  • Analog interface
  • Operation is possible as constant-voltage source (CV mode) or constant-current source (CCS)

Laboratory power supply units for DC high voltage

Accuracy is among the most important characteristic required for scientific work in laboratories. Heinzinger has therefore developed laboratory power supply units for high voltage that meet the strict laboratory requirements. The high-voltage laboratory power supply units in the LNC series are HV power supply units with precise DC voltage. Depending on the version, they provide 30,000 volts at a power of up to 60 watts. The compact high-voltage laboratory power supply units feature high control accuracy combined with low residual ripple.

Universal & extendable

The LNC power supply units are available in different power versions from 20 and 60W. The power supply units are also available with positive or negative polarity depending on the application. In addition, control cables enable symmetric plus/minus power supply for switching positive and negative devices. An analog 0...10V interface allows remote control and extension.

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