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High-voltage plug-and-socket connections

HV plugs and sockets in various voltage classes, from 10kV to 100kV.

Plug-and-socket connections for high and very high voltages. Voltages classes: 10kV, 30kV, 60kV and 100kV. Established in our HV power supply units and matching Heinzinger HV cables of the relevant voltage classes.
  • High-voltage plugs for voltages up to 10kV (HVS10), 35kV (HVS35), 65kV (HVS65) and 100kV (HVS100)
  • Higher voltages on request
  • Simple and safe cable assembly
  • Tested for DC high voltage
  • Adapted to the use of Heinzinger high-voltages cables
  • Suitable for Heinzinger high-voltage units
  • Pre-assembled versions with Heinzinger HV cables cut to the required length are also available on request


Please contact us if you have any special requirements. We will be happy to investigate the possibility of offering suitable HV connector systems, cables and, of course, power supplies for your application

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