NCE & LNCE series

High-voltage cassette power supply units up to 30,000V

High-voltage cassettes & modules up to 30,000V, as AC/DC or DC/DC power supply units, remotely controllable via interface

up to 30,000 V
Output voltage

up to 600 mA
Output current

up to 60 W

up to 0.1 %

cassette, modular design, compact design

Quick information

NCE series / LNCE series

  • Output voltages up to 30,000 volt
  • Output power of 30 and 60 watt
  • Input voltages of 230V (NCE) or 24VDC (LNCE)
  • Sustained short circuit proof
  • Low residual ripple
  • 19" cassette, 3HE or modular design
  • Remotely controllable and extendable by means of an integrated analog 0…10 V interface
  • Automatic transition from voltage to current source mode

As stand-alone device or for building multi-channel systems, precise high voltage for industry and research

Precise manufacture is the main feature of our devices and enables high-precision power supply units for your applications.

The NCE series

AC/DC converter up to 30kV

The NCE-series uses an input voltage of 230 V AC at 30 or 60 W to supply a high voltage of up to 30 KV. The high-voltage cassettes in the 3RU/19" format are predominantly used in devices and machines. Devices for the range above 10kV are made with a cast high-voltage element to extend the module's service life and enable them to work independent of ambient conditions.

The LNCE series

DC/DC converter up to 20kV

The HNCE series is the right solution if precise high voltages are needed at low power without taking up much space. The high-voltage modules provide voltages of up to 20,000V. Thanks to their low residual ripple, they are particularly suitable for challenging applications such as the operation of photomultipliers. The devices use an input voltage of 24V DC. These devices are also made with a cast high-voltage element (>10kV) to extend the module’s service life and enable them to work independent of ambient conditions.


The data sheets for the devices in the NCE and LNCE series providing detailed technical information

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