Heinzinger Magnetstrom magnetpower mps

MPS modular

Modular and flexibly adjustable magnet power supplies

Magnet power supply (MPS) for applications such as quadrupole and dipole magnets. Highest performance level – implemented flexibly. Power stages for MPS that are flexible and configurable to meet almost any customer requirement

up to 300 V
Output voltage

up to 1,500 A
Output current

up to 100,000 W

up to 0.001 %


  • Standard configuration or cascading option
  • Flexible combination of DC output current / voltage
  • For inductive loads
  • Water cooling
  • Ethernet interface
  • Highest accuracy and stability
  • DCCT current measurement
  • Programmable current ramp function
  • Dynamic of 300A/second
20210609 Magnet P1011475

Highest performance level - implemented flexibly

Power supplies for quadrupole, dipole and other magnets

Many customer requests and tender-processes show that performance of MPS is similar, but never copyable or coverable by standard devices without any customer-specific adaptation. Each application is
challenging and has its own needs. To act as flexible and short-term as the dynamic market request is, Heinzinger developed a kit of MPS
power stages which can be connected in parallel as easy as possible. The basis covers standard parameters such as precision up to 1*10-5, current ramping of 300A/second, water-cooling, Ethernet IF for remote
and local operation,…

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Modular and flexible concept

Short-term availability and highest reliability through modular components

The power stages can be combined in one 19” standard rack, where up to 12 devices can be installed. Each power stage is able to cover 7.5kW, thus nearly 100kW can be reached within one rack. Central water distribution, analog instruments, central customer IF for magnet-read checkback signals and auxiliary input, local operation -> all these features are developed and installed during many years of close partnerships with customers, e.g. in applications for particle accelerators and magnet applications. Typical magnets which are supplied are quadrupole and dipole MPS: Precise…

Used in research and medical engineering all over the world

For many years Heinzinger has supported well-known customers with magnet power supplies. These are located worldwide working in the accelerator business for treating patients with protons or in the field of particle research and development (GSI, Cern, etc.).

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