[Translate to English:] Spannungsvarianten 80V to 2,000V
[Translate to English:] Bidirektional power recovery
power recovery
[Translate to English:] modularer Aufbau up to 30 units
modular system
[Translate to English:] Kühlung Luft oder Wasser Cooling: Air
or water
  • Intuitive touch-panel for stand-alone operation.
  • Test-sequencer for individual drive cycles
  • Integrated arbitrary generator
  • Modular design for cascading up to 30 systems in parallel
  • Master-slave-control
  • Remote control & connectivity
  • Comprehensive security features
  • ENS Grid production module

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HELR - Our solution for fuel cell and battery recycling applications

Intuitive touch panel for standalone operation and all popular interfaces

E-mobility is today becoming a more and more dominant topic and on the one hand promotes new technologies such as energy generation through fuel cells and on the other hand confronts us by the use of familiar battery technology with new challenges in battery recycling. The focus is always on easy operation, efficiency and sustainability throughout the process chain.

The Heinzinger HELR regenerative electronic DC loads are the ideal solution for test applications such as fuel cells, semiconductor aging and other power sources, where electronic loads are required and energy should be efficiently feed back into the grid.

Output up to 2,000 V and currents up to 1,000 A

HELR has a high-precision galvanic isolated output up to 2,000V and currents up to 1,000A per unit. Integrated control modes such as CC, CV, CP and CR as well as a range of safety functions are a standard features
The intuitive touch-panel combined with the test-sequencer, arbitrary generator function and master control software, support customers' needs as “standalone” unit. For use as sub-system in a higher-level test environment from the development stage through to series production the HELR supply several interface like CAN or Ethernet.

Total discharge for battery recycling

Another important application is battery recycling. The requirement for this is the total discharge of the batteries, which can be carried out efficiently, ecologically and economically with the HELR.
Its flexible modular architecture design can meet the test requirement of customers with different current and power combinations from 5 - 30kW as single system and up to 1920 kW as combined system in a Power-Rack. A later power increase can be achieved by simple parallel connection.

We would be delighted to provide you with detailed information about its functions and possibilities. Talk to our experts by calling +49 8031 2458 0 or send an e-mail to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de

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